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General aviation
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The home page of the General Aviation Guide
January 2012 Edition
Who are you ? A pilot ? A potential buyer of plane or helicopter ? An aviation enthusiast?
And you need aircraft and helicopters specs ?
Whatever your profile, if you like aviation especially business aviation, our aircraft guide is made for you !
You will find 500 photos given by 44 manufacturers as well as the advanced technical aircraft specifications
of 172 planes and 11 helicopters, our guide is made for you !
Each edition, our guide has been the aicraft book of the year since 2007 !
More than a mere aircraft catalog, our 292 pages guide (2012, january edition)
keeps you informed and up to date each year about the world production of planes and business helicopters
it is the best means for you to be regurlary informed every year about the specifications of the new aircraft
in production or about the projects in development.
As a potential buyer of a plane or helicopter or for more information, you can compare aircraft simply and
quickly, thanks to a presentation standardized by datasheets so that your choice is at once a choice of heart
& reason. At the moment the General Aviation Guide is plainly and simply the best business aviation guide !
Plane specifications, helicopter specifications, all you need is in it !

General Aviation Guide Professional Edition January 2012 - 15 first pages preview...
<h1>General aviation</h1> <h2>Boeing aircraft</h2> <p>Know and identify aircraft in production in the world.</p> <h3>Cessna aircraft</h3> <p>One click to access to manufacturers web sites.</p> <h2>Bombardier aircraft</h2> <p>Compare aircraft specifications.</p> <h3>Cirrus aircraft</h3> <p>Rapidly contact sales depart.</p> <h2>Gulfstream aircraft</h2> <p>Click to have a look or download a data sheet example!</p> <h3>Pilatus aircraft</h3> <p>Easy reading, all in one aviation guide, now the new reference in general aviation.</p> <h2>Socata aircraft</h2> <p>Blue Sky Simulations LTD General aviation guide.</p> <h2>Guide aircraft</h2> <p>Aviation guide to experimental aircraft, homebuilt kits and plans.</p> <h3>Aircraft plane</h3> <p>The Guide to Experimental Aircraft is an online aviation guide.</p> <h2>General aviation</h2> <p>Aircraft models are categorized by group.</p> <h3>Aircraft specifications</h3> <p>Guide to Experimental Aircraft is designed with a lot of new pages.</p> <h2>Light aircraft</h2> <p>General aviation deliver the information to you in a fast and organized way.</p> <h3>Light sport aircraft</h3> <p>Aircraft plane Guide is the definitive source of information on manufacturers.</p> <h2>Business aircraft</h2> <p>Wings of your dreams.</p> <h3>Aerobatic aircraft</h3> <p><a href="">Referencement</a> Page 1.</p>
Click on the navigation buttons to have a look in the guide...
For each new publication of the guide, a deep revision of the datasheets and of the commercial contacts
with the manufacturers is made with the biggest care to ensure a clear and quality information.
Not only to protect the environment but also to offer a competitive sale price (29,90 us$), you can only purchase the guide
in pdf electronic format, concretely, it means that you cannot buy the guide in paper version and that at
the end of the secured purchase to Digital River ©, the guide is directly downloaded in your computer.
After installation, its reading or its printing is simply made by using Adobe Acrobat Reader ©.
The information in our datasheets is published with the agreement of the manufacturers and since
2007, they have been trusting us, so what about you ?
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